Best 5 Steps To Improving The Performance Of Virtual Machine In Vmware

Best 5 Steps To Improving The Performance Of Virtual Machine In Vmware

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  • Allocation of  hardware

When allocating the memory that have to consider the usage of host. Without considering the host usages that the core processor can sets as maximum. Increasing the size of memory and core processor for guest operating system.

  • Now allocating the disk space

To allocate the all the disk space which can transfering the data for guest machines. When data transfer happening to an guest machines that increasing  a size of virtual disks in an real time. It  expands the option for storages.

  • Snapshots to be deleted

Keeping amore disk files on more snapshots. If the snapshots are really no need then deleting and merging with an original disk files. Snapshots are saved in an different files of virtual disks than the original files of disk. This kind of method will be improving the performance of disks through reduced the access time in an next step also.

  • Defragments disk files

To compact and fragment data in VMDK file, can you defragmenting the virtual disk files from vmware console. Access time  of disk files can saved a lot by use this method.

  • Remember To Installing the Recent Vmware Tools

Have you installing the recent tools of  vmware  in VMplayer?. Increasing the speed of networks which increasing the performance of display that can allows the file transfer easily between the guest and host. To getting the better performance that vmware recommends for  running a virtual machines on a full screen.

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